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Poetry Homework






Hi all,

Please post any poems you have created on this page for your classmates to read. Just click on ‘Leave a comment’ below. Don’t forget to enter your name so we know who the author is!

Remember, there are lots of different poems you could try.

You might want to write a:

You can find some examples here:

Mr Strahan

9 thoughts on “Poetry Homework

  1. My poem about … Miss Trunchbull

    Huge belt
    Work ripper
    Scardy cat
    Shouts alot
    No friends
    Very plump
    Worst principal
    Swings people
    Holding hair
    Good athlete

  2. Indyana has told me about the school blog and we looked at it together and thought it was really good.

  3. Limerick poem
    Once I went to a safari
    In my big red Ferrari
    It was fun
    And I ate a bun
    Saw a girl in a sari!

  4. Loving
    Yummy lunch
    Super cool
    Talk circles
    Oh my gosh its epic
    Noisy children

    Co operate
    Open space
    Obstacle course

  5. Once there was a girl called Ella
    who went to ballet with her friend Bella
    When they went to class
    They ate there snack fast
    And at the end
    They went for a bend
    Ella ran home
    Because she was going to Rome

  6. There was a young man named Fred
    Who got hit by a loaf of bread
    At the baker’s shop
    He fell with a drop
    And had a very sore head

  7. There was young girl named Molly
    Who unusually lived in a trolley
    She looked at a dog
    Fell in a bog
    And ended up really jolly

  8. There was a young man named Bruce
    Who was really allergic to juice
    He rolled in a bog
    Looked at a hog
    And then got hit by a moose

  9. My poem is about Minecraft

    In different worlds
    Never getting bored
    Every Minecraft day is different
    Crafting new things
    Redstone is hard to do
    After dying you can respawn
    Fun to play
    The nether is dangerous

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