Aims and Vision

Please see our updated vision for the school 2019 below:-

Our School Vision

Our School Vision artwork

We aim to provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

We aim to be a community which warmly welcomes all and which creates a stimulating environment for learning through a lively, creative curriculum – a place where every child will have the support they need.

We aim to:

  • Develop an understanding of the Christian Faith, and to foster spiritual growth.
  • Provide all our children with a safe and happy school in which learning is valued as an enjoyable experience.
  • Encourage children to be curious and creative, to think for themselves and to develop enquiring, questioning minds which thrive on challenge and which aim high.
  • Develop a love of learning and a determination to try their best, and to become life-long learners.
  • Give children the confidence to embrace change and to engage with technological advances.
  • Promote good health through a rich and varied programme of sporting activities and through a commitment to healthy eating.
  • Provide an environment where children feel good about themselves and optimistic about the future.  A place where caring for and supporting others is second nature and where good manners are a given
  • Encourage children to value everyone and show respect for all members of the community whatever their race, gender or creed.
  • Provide an ethos where children feel that their voice can be heard and that by making a contribution they can make a difference and make changes for the better.
  • Foster concern about the world they live in: to take pride in their school and their local environment and care about the world that they will leave for future generations.
  • Work in partnership with parents in the education of their children and encourage their involvement & support.

These aims are reinforced in our home school agreement.

The school takes its duty of care to safeguard children very seriously. The link below has some useful information to help children to use the internet and social networking sites. Children below the age of 13 should not be using Facebook. When they do start to use it they will need to understand the potential dangers as well as the impact of what they write upon others.

Other useful websites with e-Safety information can be found on the e-Safety page.