Places where Kids Eat Free

At Layston we are committed to providing economic support for our families wherever possible. We do this a number of ways.


Firstly, we are mindful of the cost of school uniform and do not insist on items having the school logo. You can buy the majority of our uniform cheaply in most major supermarket stores. Children are also able to use PE joggers and jumpers for Forest School if needed. As children come into school in PE or Forest School uniform for the whole day, this also means parents do not need to buy as much of the day-to-day uniform. Any coat is acceptable; it does not have to be a green Layston coat. FOLS provide good quality, second hand uniform available at the school office, sizes depend upon what is available. Please see uniform policy.


Secondly, we support parents to apply for free school meals (please follow link at the bottom of the page). We send out FSM vouchers to these families for the school holidays. We can also support families with applications to the Buntingford Food Support (formerly Buntingford Food Bank) group on Facebook. Follow link below.

Trips, clubs and enrichment

We ensure children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are fully involved in the life of the school, and that they have places on school clubs. We are mindful of the cost of trips and enrichment activities, and subsidise many of these for families eligible for PPG. We offer a range of after school clubs run, by staff, free. Families eligible for PPG are also signposted to the free holiday ‘Happy Camps’ run by the sports partnership over the holidays.

Charging & Remissions Policy


We do not expect any of our families to provide stationary for their child. All stationary and books are paid for and provided by the school. iPads can be loaned from the school for free in the event that a pupil needs to learn remotely.


For our annual Christmas production, the school has a well-stocked costume cupboard and we do not expect families to buy anything. Sometimes we may request children bring in a black or white T-shirt, but nothing that families are unlikely to have already, and we support parents in sharing with each other. We support families for World Book Day with the option to dress as your favourite character or come in your pyjamas/onesie. Historical days are available to all pupils and dressing up is optional. We have spare costumes in the costume cupboard to support families if their child does wish to dress up. We absolutely do not expect, or want, any family to go and buy an outfit or costume.


Donations for our non-uniform fundraising days are voluntary, and children are not penalised for non-donation. They can wear non-uniform and not donate, and no one will know…

Pupil Premium Grant

Our Pupil Premium Grant strategy is available on the school website and clearly identifies how we use this grant to subsidise enrichment activities, improve attendance, and help raise the attainment of pupils from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The following groups are eligible for pupil premium:

  • pupils who are recorded as eligible for free school meals, or have been recorded as eligible in the past 6 years, including eligible children of families who have no recourse to public funds (NRPF)
  • children looked after by local authorities, referred to as children looked-after (CLA)
  • children previously looked after by a local authority or other state care, referred to as previously children looked-after (post-CLA).

Our Charging & Remissions policy makes it clear who is eligible for financial support and how school support these families.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries around finances. An appointment with the head teacher can be made by emailing or phoning the school office 01763 271 235. Financial difficulties can hit any family at any time, for many different reasons, and brings with it stress and an increased risk of poor mental health. There is no shame in seeking support when times are hard.

Useful links:

Buntingford Food Support (previously Buntingford and surrounding villages Food Bank)

Citizens Advice

Christians against Poverty

Free School Meals

Home Start

MIND 0800 132 737 or text HELP to 81066

NHS well-being service