What is a learning conference? 

A learning conference is an opportunity to discuss your child’s work, progress and development, just like a traditional ‘parents’ evening’. However, where parents’ evening is led by the teacher, a learning conference is led by your child. The teacher will guide your child through this process with questions and prompts. We hope that you will join in with this too, asking your child more about their work, successes and targets. 

Why do a learning conference? 

  • We encourage children to be able to talk about their learning in class and this will give them another opportunity to do this. Over time, your child will talk more confidently about what they enjoy, find difficult and how they learn. 
  • It will give your child real ownership of their learning, and provide you with a genuine opportunity to ask them questions about their school life. 
  • This will support you in developing a partnership with us to support your child’s learning. 
  • We believe that this promotes a deeper engagement in the learning and progress made by your child. 

What should I say and do? 

  • Finding out – ask questions like: ‘Tell me how you did that…’, ‘what have you enjoyed about this most?’, ‘Can you explain this?’ 
  • Use genuine and specific praise – ‘I can see you’ve really improved on that!’, ‘That shows really hard work…’ 
  • Help & support – ask your child: ‘What can we do at home to help you?’, ‘When do you think would be a good time to do this?’, ‘How can I help you?’ 


  • It is important you attend these meetings. Please let us know if you are unable to so we can rearrange. 
  • If you need to speak to the teacher without your child, another appointment can be made. 
  • If your child has special needs the learning conference will be designed to support your child communicate their learning to you.