Healthy sleep tips for children – NHS

NHS – recommended sleep times for different ages

Remember, however, that these are rough guidelines and we are all individual. Children and young people who have been ill (mentally or physically) or who are going through a period of growth may need more than they usually do. This is very true of teens whose brains are ‘rebooting’ and going through major changes and they may need more then 8-10 hours.

(see Dan Siegel – “The Adolescent Brain” on YouTube).

Babies 4-12m

12-16 hours including naps

Toddlers 1-2 years

11-14 hours including naps

Young children 3-5 years

10-13 hours including naps

Older children 6-12 years

9-12 hours

Adolescents/Teens 12-18 years

8-10 hours